Everything I Never Told You

18693763Just finished this book by Celeste Ng. I picked it up after seeing it referenced in a review of Chemistry, Weike Wang’s debut novel released in 2017. (I’m w
orking on an official review of the latter. Hoping to get it published soon.)

Everything I Never Told You was a riveting read. It’s. The novel begins with the death of a young girl, Lydia. Lydia’s father, a Chinese American, wanted nothing more than for Lydia to enjoy the popularity he longed for as a boy, while her mother wanted her to achieve the academic success she never had time for. You would think that by beginning the story with such a climactic event (Lydia’s death), Ng would undercut herself, but just the opposite is true. I devoured the book in just two days, and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Everything I Never Told You provides a touching look at the weight of parental expectations, an intimate portrait of a dysfunctional family, & remains, at the end of it all, a highly readable & compelling mystery.

Now I’m onto Zero K by Don DeLillo. I’ve been reading way more fiction than I’m used to this year… but I’m kind of enjoying it!


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