NaNoWriMo 2017

It’s that time of year. I’m sipping tea out of a giant owl mug and I’m getting ready for my first November participating in National Novel Writing Month!

When I was in school, my English department used to run a version of NaNoWriMo during the summer, because as college students we were usually too busy in November. This year, though, I’m excited to be joining the scores of writers hunkered down over their manuscripts in November.

I’m spending the last days of October putting the finishing touches on my outline and fleshing out some characters. But I’m keeping this planning stage brief. I’ve got a vague, big picture idea for this novel, but really my only goal is to write (something) every day.

My motto for this year’s NaNoWriMo

I bought myself a brand-new 3-subject notebook, and I’m planning on taking the old fashioned pen-to-paper approach. I get distracted way too easily on the computer. Writing by hand keeps me focused on writing forward rather than putting down a sentence or two and immediately jumping into edit mode.

Because I plan to do the majority of my writing by hand, I’m not sure how consistent I’ll be about updating my word count. Still, I’d love to connect with other writers who are taking on this challenge. My username over on the NaNoWriMo site is Ashley E. Simon – feel free to add me as a buddy.

Happy writing!



17 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017”

  1. Interested in the title to you novel. And I think you goal just to write everyday is a good one. Last year, I ended up having to do mammoth writing stints over the weekends so going to try to keep on top of my word count this year! I love the quote too and oh how I wish I had a giant owl mug out of which I could drink tea! Sounds delightful.

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  2. Our Creative Writing college course participated in it, but November is a horrible month for this, because that’s when finals are happening, the holidays, etc. I prefer NaPoRiMo (Writer’s Digest, poetry version), because a poem can be under 100 words, whereas you have to write 1667 words daily for the novel. What I thought was cool was that a girl in another class wrote her entire novel on her phone while waiting for appointments, etc.

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