Week 2 Surprises

I definitely hit that second week slump. But I kept up with my goal of writing 2k words per day. Slowly but surely, my plot is starting to take shape.

I’ve really enjoyed not being confined to one voice or one point of view. Jumping around from character to character has helped me flesh out the story more. And it’s helped me stay creative. I like sitting down every day and not knowing exactly where the plot is going. My characters keep surprising me, and that’s been a huge motivation boost.

I’ve also loved writing 2,000 words a day. When I focus, I can crank out 2k words in about 2 hours. That’s been a manageable chunk of time to carve out. It allows me to take a little breather each Sunday to let my creative juices recharge. And 2k words seems to be the magic number for getting over a slump. If I’m totally stumped when I sit down, the first 1k might be totally worthless, but usually by 2k I’ve hit an idea that I’m excited about and the words start to flow again.

This week, I struggled to connect to my main character and ended up writing a lot of backstory for a couple minor characters. One of those characters totally caught me off guard this week. She’s a nurse, and I stuck her in the story originally for convenience’s sake (my main character needs to talk with a nurse). But this week, when I was hitting a road block with my MC, I switched over to the nurse’s POV and ended up writing a killer backstory that I’m excited to flesh out further in the editing stage.

Lots of you have added me as buddies on the NaNoWRiMo site – let’s keep connecting! My username is Ashley E. Simon. Happy writing, friends!


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