Thoughts from my retreat

I spent the last two days on a retreat with my best friend in the middle of a Kentucky wood. We stayed in a yurt, which is a sort of cross between a cabin and a tent. It was a much-needed time of space and relaxation, a time to unplug and refocus. Here are a few… Continue reading Thoughts from my retreat



In the face of horrible tragedy, words seem irreverent. Tonight, I'll only say this, in the form of borrowed words which have become my mantra. “There is nothing in this world/ that cannot teach us love.” (Ruth L. Schwartz, Miraculum)

Passion vs. Career: Must I choose?

Yesterday I stumbled across this article, and as a two-month-old college graduate, I found it particularly striking: Essentially, the article debunks many common myths that we hold to when it comes to our "dream career". Before I read the article, I'd already been thinking about this concept quite a lot (as most college graduates do,… Continue reading Passion vs. Career: Must I choose?

Hello; here’s my journey.

The subject tonight is Love And for tomorrow night as well, As a matter of fact I know of no better topic For us to discuss Until we all Die! -Hafiz About two years ago, I abandoned my childhood faith because I couldn’t reconcile the judgement and exclusivity I saw in the church with what… Continue reading Hello; here’s my journey.