Here's a quick poem I wrote this morning. I've been working on mindfulness lately, and I've been struck with the overwhelming nature of entertainment in our culture today. I often find it bombarding its way into my mind and taking over before I even realize it. It can be hard to pursue the practice of mindfulness when our attention… Continue reading Sensing


On Producing

Yesterday, my 14 year old stepbrother emailed me a copy of the novel he's been working on. I opened the Word document entitled "Cupid" - not really sure what I was expecting to find. What I found put me to shame. The document was 100 pages long. Surely, if my 14 year old stepbrother can write one… Continue reading On Producing

Passion vs. Career: Must I choose?

Yesterday I stumbled across this article, and as a two-month-old college graduate, I found it particularly striking: Essentially, the article debunks many common myths that we hold to when it comes to our "dream career". Before I read the article, I'd already been thinking about this concept quite a lot (as most college graduates do,… Continue reading Passion vs. Career: Must I choose?

Writing as Discovery

It’s a common misconception that writing is simply the process of transmitting the words in your head to a sheet of paper. But this couldn’t be further from reality. In fact, the first words I put on paper are rarely the ones I agree with. I write, not because I have the answers, but because… Continue reading Writing as Discovery