Meet Libby

I downloaded Libby by Overdrive after I poked around my library's website and found that we have a HUGE collection of e-books and audiobooks. I spend a lot of time in the car but I've been hesitant to drop money on an Audible subscription. Libby is a free app that lets me check out e-books and… Continue reading Meet Libby


Dabbling in Fiction

Fiction is NOT my forte. I'm much more inclined toward memoir/essay writing. But I promised my writing partner that I'd crank out a piece of fiction in August, and I did. Here's the premise: Mary has a rare disease that causes her to "lose" words. Once forgotten, they are lost forever to her mind. They can’t… Continue reading Dabbling in Fiction

Thoughts from my retreat

I spent the last two days on a retreat with my best friend in the middle of a Kentucky wood. We stayed in a yurt, which is a sort of cross between a cabin and a tent. It was a much-needed time of space and relaxation, a time to unplug and refocus. Here are a few… Continue reading Thoughts from my retreat